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Keep active with the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique can help us to learn how to use our body more effectively so that we can keep active and keep moving for longer. Being active reduces the chance of heart disease and stroke, lowers the possibility of type 2 diabetes, reduces depression, lowers the chance of dementia and can also reduce the incidence of some types of cancer.

As we age our mobility, balance and coordination can become compromised. We become stiff and have difficulty getting out of a chair or putting our shoes on. Walking, carrying things and going up stairs can become too much of a challenge and we gradually become more and more sedentary.

The Alexander Technique teaches thoughtful and non-strenuous movement, helping us to notice unhelpful habits and patterns, which can lead to pain and strain. During an Alexander Technique lesson, we learn how to move, bend, sit and stand with more freedom in the joints and more lightness and ease in the body. We learn to use the breath fully and this can help us to feel calmer and more at ease. We can learn ways to improve our balance and coordination, reducing the chance of falling and helping us to feel more confident.


Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you to:

  • Keep fit, active and mobile
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Restore lightness and ease of movement
  • Regain balance and coordination
  • Reduce falls
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Increase independence
  • Enhance health and wellbeing
  • Increase your sense of control and choice
  • Cope better with pain and illness

Alexander Technique Lessons and Courses

One-to-one Alexander Technique lessons are available in Middlewich, Cheshire and Alexander Technique courses are offered for groups and organisations across Cheshire and the Northwest.