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Alexander Technique Courses for Horse-riders

Mind-Body-Awareness offers Alexander Technique courses for horse-riders to help you learn how to use your body and mind more effectively to release unhelpful tension, rebalance your body naturally and enhance communication with your horse.

Course: Transform your riding with the Alexander Technique

The next course will be held in the autumn. Please get in touch if you’d like to be contacted nearer to the time with details.

Course Details:

The aim of this half day workshop is to introduce the Alexander Technique to horse-riders. Alexander Technique training can help to transform unwanted habits of mind and body that interfere with our riding, enhancing our sensitivity and responsiveness and allowing us to develop a more refined partnership with our horse.

We explore how to develop a more relaxed focus of concentration and release unhelpful tension in our body, enabling us to use less effort and develop greater freedom in our joints.

Not only can the Alexander Technique transform the way we approach our riding, but it can also transform our horses, allowing them to move with more ease and fluidity. As our mind and body becomes more connected, our horses often become less spooky and resistant. As we learn to let go of unhelpful tension in our body, our horses can feel more relaxed, responsive and in front of the leg.

Course content:

Using a mixture of discussion and practical work (group, pair and individual) we will explore:

How to rebalance your head on your spine
We learn how to let our head balance naturally on our spine without forcing or holding it in place. When our head tips forward, it throws us out of balance and makes it more difficult for our horse to carry our weight. As a result, our horse will compensate and also become out of balance. When we pin our shoulders back and hold our posture in an upright position, we use more tension than we need, which in turn makes our horse tight and stiff. We learn to use just the right amount of muscular effort for our body to remain balanced, so our horse can remain balanced and connected to us.

How to reduce tension and resistance in your horse
There is an emphasis on how to use the breath to help calm and settle us and also our horse. We learn how to soften our eyes and widen our vision. This changes our focus from being fixed to being more relaxed and open, which our horse can relate to more easily. This can help to reduce spookiness, napping and resistance.

How to release and deepen your seat
Some of the learning takes place while we lie down with our knees pointing upwards and our head slightly raised, so that we can learn to let go of tension in our neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and hips. Releasing tension in these areas can help to deepen our seat and allow us to follow the movement of our horse more easily.

How to refine your contact and lighten your hands
As we learn to let go of excess tension in our shoulders, arms and wrists and learn to integrate our arms more effectively into our body, we can find that our contact becomes more refined, allowing our hands to receive the movement and energy from our horse more effectively with a lighter, more sensitive contact.

Bringing Alexander Technique into daily life
To get the most out Alexander Technique training, we learn to apply it to everything we do… when mucking out, filling water buckets and haynets, taking rugs off and on, tacking up, walking to the field, sitting in our car and living our life. The more we practice it, the greater the benefits we can experience when riding.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

The workshop is suitable for adults with all levels of physical fitness and of all ages. There is no physical exercise, but there will be some gentle, slow movement. All activities are optional. Participants only need to take part in those activities that they feel comfortable doing.

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