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Alexander Technique Workshop in Cheshire

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The aim of this workshop is to introduce the Alexander Technique – a practical method of self-help in which we learn how to look after ourselves better in daily life. A large proportion of the aches and pains, lack of flexibility, stress and tiredness that we experience are actually due to our everyday habits of sitting, standing, moving and living in the modern world. With the Alexander Technique you gradually learn to function more efficiently, move with less effort, actively engage with life rather than just react to it, and find a renewed sense of ease and calm.

Alexander Technique Workshop Information


1) To help you to become more aware of automatic patterns and habits in the body, which interfere with natural movement and can lead to strain and pain

2) To introduce the principles of the Alexander Technique

3) To help you to explore ways to calm the mind

4) To enable you to learn how to release unhelpful physical tension

5) To allow you to learn how to rebalance your body and move with greater ease


In the session,  there is a mixture of discussion and practical work (groups, pairs and individual).

We learn about the relationship of the head, neck and back and how the weight of our head can pull our spine out of balance when it pokes forward, potentially leading to pain and strain. We explore how to rebalance our head on our spine while sitting, standing and moving, so that movement can become lighter, easier and more fluid.

Through fun activities we learn to recognise how our thoughts influence our body and by slowing down, pausing and making a conscious choice we can change our unwanted postural habits and patterns that can lead to physical problems.

Everyone will have the opportunity to try out ‘active rest’ – a restorative activity which encourages the release of excess muscle tension and stress. The aim of the day is to be fun as well as being informative.

What do I need to wear and bring?

Do wear your usual clothes – though comfortable trousers will be preferable to a skirt.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

This course is suitable for adults with all levels of physical fitness and of all ages. There is no physical exercise, but there will be some gentle, slow movement. Also we will be looking at typical daily activities such as sitting, standing, bending and walking – all activities are optional. Participants only need to take part in those activities that they feel comfortable doing. There is an opportunity to lie down in semi-supine if this is comfortable for your body.

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