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Wellbeing Retreat – Coming soon!

Please enquire for further details.

This wellbeing retreat blends ideas from the Alexander Technique with mindful movement and meditation practice to help you to learn practical ways to find greater focus and calm and to release unhelpful patterns of tension in your body. You will be introduced to a range of techniques to help you to relax and use your body with greater ease, balance and coordination.

How do I book?
Please complete the booking form below and return with your payment by on-line banking to confirm your place. If on-line banking is not possible, cheque payments can be made. The payment details are on the booking form. Many thanks.

What happens in the retreat?
The retreat combines mind-body awareness approaches from the Alexander Technique and from mindfulness practice. During the retreat you will learn ways to use the breath and body to help calm and settle you. You’ll experience guided visualisations, movement with awareness and muscle tension release techniques while lying down and while sitting.

There is an emphasis on bringing awareness into our experience with a sense of self-care and patience. There will be opportunities for discussion in small groups or pairs. Groups are friendly and supportive. This retreat is practical and experiential. There is no spiritual or religious content.

Who is the retreat suitable for?
This retreat is suitable for adults of all ages. There will be opportunities to lie down and also to explore gentle, easy movement with awareness. All activities can be adapted if they do not suit your body.

Please note: It is better to wait before joining a wellbeing retreat, if you are currently experiencing physical or emotional trauma, pain or illness.

No previous experience is required.

Materials Required
Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring extra layers to keep you warm while sitting and lying in stillness. Please bring a mat to lie on, a blanket to keep you warm and a pillow or cushion.

Make A Booking

To confirm your place, please complete the booking form and return with your payment, Many thanks.