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One-to-one Mindfulness lessons

One-to-one mindfulness lessons and courses are available in Middlewich, Cheshire with Wendy Broad (PhD, PGCert). You can choose to follow an 8-week mindfulness course or I can design a personalised mindfulness programme for you. These courses are based on the secular Breathworks programmes and are not religious or spiritual.

What happens in a one-to-one Mindfulness session?

At your first appointment I will take your personal details and ask you to complete a questionnaire regarding your current state of health and wellbeing. I’ll explore what you hope to gain from the sessions, provide some background information and answer any queries. All sessions are completely confidential. Any records taken will be seen only by myself, Wendy Broad and will be kept according to data protection legislation.

Mindfulness in practice

Mindfulness involves tuning into our full experience from one moment to the next in a very patient and gentle way. We learn to notice whatever arises in our experience with a sense of openness and self-care.

During the mindfulness sessions, you’ll be supported with guided mindfulness practice, where you learn to become aware of sensations of the breath and body while sitting, lying down and in mindful movement. You’ll be encouraged to become aware of your thoughts feelings, emotions and bodily sensations with a sense of self-nurture, without judging or being self-critical.

If you choose to take a course of mindfulness sessions, you’ll explore bringing mindful awareness into daily life. In time, this enables us to take a new perspective on life’s ups and downs, allowing us to shift from reacting automatically to situations to responding with choice and awareness. This can have great health benefits and can help to reframe stressful situations and personal challenges, bringing a greater sense of calmness, ease and clarity into our life.

Home Practice

All mindfulness courses include daily mindfulness practice taking around 10 minutes twice per day. Research has shown that practising mindfulness on a daily basis can reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing. Making the choice to engage in daily mindfulness practice is actively encouraged and is an important part of the course.

Who are mindfulness sessions suitable for?

Mindfulness is suitable for adults with all levels of physical fitness and of all ages. As you’ll be noticing thoughts, sensations and feelings, it is better to wait if you are currently experiencing acute depression or serious physical or emotional trauma or stressful life events.

Please note: Mindfulness is not an alternative to medication or therapy and is not psychotherapy or counselling.


Initial Consultation = £40 for a 75-minute session
Standard lessons = £40 for a 60-minute lesson

Make A Booking

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