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Mindfulness for Organisations

Our mindfulness courses and workshops aim to encourage new ways of living and working to reduce stress, improve resilience and develop positive relationships. We offer mindfulness-based training to enable individuals learn how to manage personal and professional challenges more effectively and restore a sense of ease and balance in their lives. We offer secular mindfulness courses or sessions can be tailored to meet the objectives of your organisation.


An increasing number of organisations are bringing mindfulness into the workplace to improve the health & wellbeing of their teams. There is a solid body of evidence showing that employees on mindfulness programmes experience increased attention and concentration, improved decision making capabilities, more creativity and innovation, improved interpersonal relationship and increased job satisfaction. Some of the themes that we offer include:

  • How to manage stress
  • Building resilience in the workplace
  • How to get a good night’s sleep
  • Mindfulness for highly functioning teams


COST: £150 for a group of up to 16 people ( 1 1/2 hours minimum)

Travel: 50p per mile within 25 mile radius of CW10 9JN

IMPORTANT: We encourage organisations to offer choice relating to employee attendance at Mindfulness sessions or courses. It is preferable to wait before attending a mindfulness session or course if an individual is experiencing trauma or very stressful life events.

Mind-Body-Awareness offers secular mindfulness courses including:

Mindfulness for Health

These courses are based on the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health programme and are designed for people experiencing long-term stress and physical health conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, ME, MS, diabetes, obesity and heart conditions. Half-day and full-day workshops and short courses are available.

We welcome organisations supporting care-givers and people experiencing long-term illness and chronic physical health conditions, long-term stress and other ongoing personal challenges.


  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Improved mood
  • Greater capacity to cope with physical health conditions
  • Improved sleep
  • Renewed appreciation of positive things in life
  • Greater sense of connection to others
  • Sense of feeling supported

Course Aim:

This course enables participants to gain a greater understanding of how to bring mindfulness into their life to manage personal challenges and restore calm and contentment.


Through mindfulness practice, participants learn to shift their relationship to their difficulties and gain a broader perspective on life’s ups and downs. There is an emphasis on recognising reactive patterns and learning to stop, pause and choose how to respond to situations. During the session, there are short mindfulness-based activities, either sitting, standing or lying down. All activities are optional and can be done in a chair.

Participants learn to use the breath and body to anchor and settle themselves at times of difficulty. Through mindful movement, they learn to notice their limits and edges, enabling them to recognise when it’s time to rest. Mindfulness practice teaches individuals to notice their thoughts, emotions, feelings and reactions, with a sense of kindliness, while letting go of any tendency to judge, criticise or analyse. Participants use a pacing diary to monitor the impact of their daily activities. This helps them to notice what is happening in their lives so they can develop a greater sense of awareness and self-care and rediscover ease, balance and calm.

There are opportunities for participants to reflect on their experiences in pairs or small groups. Groups are friendly and supportive.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

These courses are designed for people experiencing workplace stress, pressure and organisational change. They are based on the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress programme and are designed to meet the needs of people in the workplace. Half-day and full-day workshops and short courses are offered.


  • Improved health & wellbeing
  • Greater resilience
  • Increased attention and concentration
  • Improved decision making capabilities
  • More creativity and innovation
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Increased job satisfaction

Course Aim:

This course enables participants to gain a greater understanding of how to bring mindfulness into their life and work to develop focus, improve work-life balance, manage workplace stresses and strains, build resilience and find greater fulfilment and satisfaction.

Course Content:

The Mindfulness in the Workplace courses are tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and can include formal teaching and experiential learning through guided mindfulness training and practical activities. There is also the option to include the background science behind the approach.

Course elements include an introduction to mindfulness, relevant research findings; training in mindfulness meditation practices to settle the mind; experiential activities to enable participants to learn to shift their relationship to their personal challenges and manage reactive patterns; positive psychology to allow participants to recognise the inbuilt negativity bias and learn to take time to appreciate positive aspects of their lives; practical tools and techniques to bring mindfulness into daily life.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme

There is a substantial amount of research data on this mindfulness-based approach demonstrating the benefits for stress and anxiety, sleep disturbance, high blood pressure and chronic illness. This secular course is primarily experiential with an emphasis on mindfulness meditation practice, mindful movement and self-reflection. It is a recognised integrative medical approach and involves 8 weekly sessions lasting 2 ½ hours, plus a day of mindfulness practice. Group discussions are an important part of this course, although participants are not required to disclose personal information.


  • Increased ability to cope with short and long-term stress
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  •  Increased ability to relax
  • Improved self-confidence and resilience
  • Increased ability to manage mood and emotions
  • Improved sleep patterns

Course aim:

The aim is to enable participants to manage life’s challenges more effectively, so that they can learn to respond to situations with choice and awareness rather than reacting automatically. Through experiential learning the course allows the development of new skills to manage challenging physical sensations, feelings, moods or personal relationships by enabling a shift in the relationship to them. The problem may not change, but the impact can become more manageable.

The course encourages participants to become aware of their moment by moment experiences (both good and bad) through mindfulness practice. Participants learn to become aware of changing thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, so that they can learn to recognise their stress triggers and choose how best to take care of themselves at times of difficulty.

More Information

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