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Mindfulness for Healthy Living

There is considerable research data to show that ongoing mindfulness practice can reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, enhance health and wellbeing and restore a sense of calm, balance and ease.

One-to-one Mindfulness Sessions

One-to-one mindfulness sessions are available with Dr Wendy Broad in Bostock, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9JN.

How long do sessions last?

All sessions last for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Pay-as-you-go: individual sessions and initial consultation: £50

Pay for a block of 4 sessions: taken over a 2 month period: £180


All sessions to be paid for by on-line banking before the session starts, thanks.

My bank details are:

Sort code: 11-05-70 (Halifax)
Account: 00091218
Reference: your name

What happens in a one-to-one session?

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and start with a personal health consultation. We can discuss your hopes and expectations for the session. Then we can simply practice meditation together or you can follow one of the 8-week secular mindfulness programmes such as the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme or the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress or Health course or Mark Williams and Danny Penman’s ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’. All sessions are confidential and any records will be kept according to data protection legislation.

Mindfulness practices include mindfulness of the breath, the body scan practice and gentle, easy mindful movement as well as some mindfulness-based activities which are relevant to daily life such as mindful eating, mindful walking and mindful listening. You can choose the practices you prefer, if you select a personalised programme. Mindfulness also includes self-reflection to help us to start to notice our habits and patterns so that we can begin to take a new perspective on life’s ups and downs.

Who is the session for?

All are welcome. We will be noticing our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, so you may prefer to wait if you are currently/ have recently experienced extremely stressful life events. Under 18s need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

More Information

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