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Mindfulness for Sleep

Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness training can change both the structure and function of the brain for the better, enabling us to become more flexible and adaptable, more resilient and less stressed. Research shows that ongoing daily mindfulness practice can improve sleep patterns. This in turn can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, lower levels of inflammation, improved immune function, reduced blood pressure, improved mood and quality of life.

The Mindfulness for Sleep Programme

There are 4 x 75 minutes sessions, including mindfulness and compassion-based practices, as well as time for self-reflection. In the first session we start with a personal health consultation and discuss your hopes and expectations.

How long do sessions last?

All sessions last for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Pay-as-you-go: individual sessions and initial consultation: £75

Pay for a block of 4 sessions: taken over a 2 month period: £280


All sessions to be paid for by on-line banking before the session starts.


We have developed the Mindfulness for Sleep programme to help people understand why our biology can lead to sleep problems and how through mindfulness-based practices we can rediscover restorative sleep. We learn to recognise the signs of stress reactivity in our body throughout the day and bring moments of pause into our lives to reset our body and mind and restore calm. Find out more.

Mindfulness for Sleep Programme

This 5-hour programme has its foundation in developing self-awareness so that we can start to respond to our experiences, rather than reacting on autopilot. Sleep difficulties can arise from being in a state of constant stress reactivity or ‘red-alert’, also known as the fight, flight and freeze modes of being. Through mindfulness meditation practice, we learn to develop new ways to work with the thinking, chattering mind, which can so often keep us awake. We can train our mind to notice our reactive patterns without getting lost in our thoughts or emotions. We can learn to actively focus our attention on our sensory experiences, which brings our body into the rest and restore mode of being and calms down the stress reactivity.

By bringing mindfulness into our daily life, we learn to recognise our stress triggers and notice the impact of our experiences on our body and mind. As we become more aware of our experiences, we can start to make choices which can help us to feel more in control of what happens in our lives. Although we can’t always change our circumstances, we can choose how we react to them. As we bring mindfulness into our daily life we can learn to work with personal challenges, allowing moments of rest and calm, switching off stress reactivity and enabling us to rediscover natural sleep and calm.

What will I learn?

  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Mindfulness in daily life
  • An understanding of our biology and how it affects our sleep patterns
  • Recognition of our inbuilt automatic reactivity and how we can choose to respond with awareness
  • Breath-based practices
  • Sensory awareness practices
  • Mindful movement practices
  • The benefits of appreciating life’s simple pleasures
  • How to transform the negativity bias

What happens in the programme?

The course involves learning to tune into life moment by moment through guided mindfulness practice focusing on the sensations of the body and breath or using movement with awareness either sitting, standing or lying down. All activities can be done while sitting in a chair if you prefer. There is an opportunity to develop your own daily mindfulness practice, taking 10 minutes each day, to help change old patterns and habits of thinking and emotional reactivity.

Each session focuses on a different topic with an opportunity to reflect on what you have noticed. We explore how we tend to react automatically to situations and this can lead to stress reactivity, which can affect our sleep patterns. We recognise how our thoughts and internal chatter can influence our health and wellbeing and explore how it is possible to take a new perspective when we bring patience, non-judgment and openness to our experiences. Throughout the programme we learn to notice our patterns and habits, letting go of any tendency to be self-critical or analytical. There is an emphasis on how we can bring mindful awareness into our lives to restore a sense of calm, ease and wellbeing.

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness practice involves actively focusing our attention on the sensations of the body and breath, with a sense of kindliness and self-nurture, letting go of any tendencies to be judgmental, analytical or self-critical. You’ll be encouraged to take care of your body and only do what feels comfortable for you. You’ll be invited to notice thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. By learning to re-focus our awareness on our sensory experiences, we can switch our mind and body from stress reactivity to the ‘rest and recover’ mode, helping to restore a sense of balance and wellbeing in our life.

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