Alexander Technique-Pilates (AT-Pilates)

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Alexander Technique with Pilates classes include Pilates mat-based exercises as well as functional everyday movement to help you to age well, stay as mobile as possible and keep physical pain away for as long as possible. This combined approach can help ease joint stiffness and relieve back, neck, and shoulder discomfort. Adults of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

General information:

What do I need to wear and bring?

  • Please wear exercise/ Yoga / Pilates clothes
  • Please bring a mat, 3x 2.5cm thick head blocks or 3 paper back books, a cushion, a small towel and a long resistance band or pair of stretchy tights.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

All ages and abilities are welcome. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire before attending the session.

AT-Pilates Information

AT-Pilates classes integrate the principles of the Alexander Technique to help develop body-awareness, alignment, balance and ease of movement with Modern Pilates exercises. Modern Pilates was developed by physiotherapists and is accessible for all.


A large proportion of the aches and pains, lack of flexibility, stress and tiredness that we experience are actually due to our everyday habits of sitting, standing, moving and living in the modern world. With AT-Pilates you gradually learn to use your body more effectively and find a renewed sense of ease and calm.

AT-Pilates Information


1) To improve posture, balance and coordination

2) To develop strength, stability and flexibility

3) To enable you to release unhelpful physical tension and relax

4) To help bring mindful awareness into movement

5) To help you to stay mobile for as long as possible

What happens in a class?

These Pilates-based exercises integrate Modern Pilates with the principles of the Alexander Technique with an emphasis on controlled movement with awareness and precision. We explore the body’s full range of movement from lying on the floor to standing and bending. The aim is to stabilise our core and mobilise our joints to develop natural postural alignment, core strength and fluidity of movement. Stretches and relaxation are included. You are encouraged to work safely within your own limits and alternative exercises can be offered if needed.

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