What people say about 8-week mindfulness group courses with Wendy.

This course is a must for anyone who wakes up in the middle of the night. It will teach you that you can change. It gives you real skills that you can use everyday to stop the mind chatter, stop the chaos and deliver calm.

Adele Devine

Gained lots… an ability to focus on body and breath, rather than being in my head… becoming more mindful in everyday life, being more in the moment, using the three step breathing space to check in with myself and calm myself- the list is endless!

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This course has been a journey for me and I have discovered what really matters to me and my life. I have made changes for the better and now I am a lot more content.


This has been an extremely enlightening experience. I gained a lot of insight about my automatic reactions and began to learn about my ability to make choices. Being in a supportive group and sharing with other like-minded people is very beneficial. Wendy is a warm and welcoming practitioner.


It’s easy to get wound up in your own world of woe with good intentions to improve your life. Mindfulness has the capacity to ease you away from self-destructive patterns in a purposeful, non-challenging way.


Very enjoyable and life changing course- definitely opens up the possibility to change how you manage your life.

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Such a pleasurable and empowering course- feel I have the toolkit to deal with life. The start of my mindfulness journey starts now!

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The mindfulness course was a lovely experience. Teaching me how to live in the present moment, not to miss the precious moments of life.