Release tension, move well

Learning the Alexander Technique can help you to release muscular tension and move with greater balance, coordination and ease, as well as supporting rehabilitation after surgery, injury, strokes or other neurological conditions.

The Alexander Technique teaches thoughtful and non-strenuous movement to aid mobility and coordination. In an Alexander lesson, you’ll be actively engaged in learning new ways to use your body. You’ll explore how to release overly tight muscles, which can pull your body out of alignment and learn how to move as nature intended with freedom, ease and lightness.

An increasing number of people are having lessons in the Alexander Technique as a way to manage the stresses and strains of daily life. In these lessons, you lie down on a treatment couch and the teacher uses their hands to guide you to let go of physical holding patterns in your neck and shoulders, hands and wrists, lower back and legs. If left untreated, these patterns of muscular tightness can in time lead to strain and pain.

If you want to learn how to restore natural poise in movement, the Alexander Technique teacher will work with you when walking, bending, sitting and standing. You’ll learn to use the breath fully and this can help you to feel calmer and more at ease.

As you bring the Alexander Technique into your daily life, your posture can improve, you can gain height and movement can feel more fluid. You can learn ways to improve your balance and coordination, reducing the chance of falling as you grow older and helping you to feel more self-assured.


Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you to:

  • Let go of unhelpful physical tension
  • Restore lightness and ease of movement
  • Regain balance and coordination
  • Reduce falls
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Increase independence
  • Enhance health and wellbeing
  • Increase your sense of control and choice
  • Cope better with pain

Alexander Technique Lessons and Courses

One-to-one Alexander Technique lessons are available in Middlewich, Cheshire and Alexander Technique courses are offered for groups and organisations across Cheshire and the Northwest.