Alexander Technique lessons

Alexander Technique lessons can help to improve posture, balance, coordination and ease of movement. Many people take Alexander Technique lessons to help relieve back, neck and shoulder pain and as the Alexander Technique helps you to learn how to release unwanted muscular tension, you can feel more relaxed and calm.

How long do sessions last? All one-to-one lessons are 50 minutes.

Cost: £85

Payment: All sessions to be paid for by on-line banking 48 hours before the session starts. Bank details will be supplied. Many thanks.

What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson?

During the lesson, I will use explanation and guide you with light, gentle hands to help you to learn how to restore natural balance, poise and ease of movement without using undue force or effort. There is no muscle manipulation or therapeutic treatment.

I help you learn to recognise automatic patterns of movement which can lead to pain, strain and muscular tension and show you how to pause, so you can learn to use your body in a different way. You learn how to let go of unhelpful patterns of tension and discover new ways of moving, walking, sitting and standing. You can start to feel lighter, your joints can feel more mobile and your movement can become more fluid. You can learn how to release unwanted tension in your neck, back, shoulders and hips and in time restore natural balance, poise and ease.

Semi-supine (Active rest)

If it’s comfortable for you, you’ll spend some time lying on your back in semi-supine, with your knees pointing upwards and your head raised on a book or foam block, so that you can become aware of and learn to release unhelpful patterns of tension in your body without the demands of movement. Lying down in this position helps your head, neck and back to align naturally without any effort and allows your spine to lengthen and follow its natural curves. Practising semi-supine every day can transform your posture.

What do you wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow freedom of movement. Loose or stretchy trousers are preferable.

Make A Booking

To book a one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons with Wendy please book an appointment.