Learn to let go of patterns of mental and physical tension to improve health and wellbeing with Wendy Broad.



One-to-one Mind-body-awareness sessions

We offer one-to-one mind-body-awareness sessions to help you learn to take care of your body and mind, restore a sense  health and wellbeing and bring balance and stability into daily life.

What is Mind-body-awareness?

Mind-body-awareness practice enables us to become more aware of ourselves, other people and the world around us. It involves actively focusing our attention with a sense of patience and self-nurture, letting go of any tendencies to judge or analyse.


Mind-body-awareness practice allows you to develop skills for self-care, natural health and wellbeing to use in your daily life. It can help you to manage stress, chronic pain and long-term health conditions, as well as enhancing sleep, increasing emotional regulation and restoring balance and ease.

Mind-body-awareness Sessions

One-to-one mind-body-awareness sessions are available in Tattenhall, Cheshire to help reduce stress, aid sleep and support a healthy lifestyle. If you’d like more information, please get in touch.

One-to-one mind-body-awareness sessions are available in Tattenhall, Cheshire. We are in easy reach of Bunbury, Bickerton, Burwardsley, Nantwich, Kelsall, Tarvin, Tattenhall, Malpas, Holt, Farndon, Huxley, Christleton, Waverton, Cuddington, Sandiway, Delamere, Norley,  Kelsall, Tarvin, Frodsham, & Crewe.