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How can the Alexander Technique help me?

Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you to learn how to use your body and mind more effectively to enhance self-care and improve your performance in everything you do. You can learn how to transform unhelpful postural habits and patterns of movement that lead to strain and pain and rediscover natural balance, poise, coordination and ease of movement. Many people take lessons in the Alexander Technique to help them manage stress, build confidence, develop resilience and restore calmness of mind.

Learning the Alexander Technique can help to:

Lots of people take lessons in the Alexander Technique to improve their posture, release physical tension and help them to move with greater freedom, balance, coordination and ease. This can help you to keep mobile, keep active and improve your health and wellbeing.

Alexander Technique training is often used to help people with neck, back and shoulder pain, sciatica, pregnancy pain, joint stiffness and muscular tension. There is clinical research showing that the Alexander Technique can help to reduce chronic lower back pain and neck pain. There is also clinical evidence that lessons in the Alexander Technique can support lifestyle management for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Many sports people including horse-riders, rowers, golfers, tennis players and runners learn the Alexander Technique to improve their performance. It can enable you to release unhelpful muscular tension, reduce injury, breathe well, manage your mind more effectively and restore natural balance, coordination and ease of movement.

Business professionals also find learning the technique helpful to change unwanted postural habits and thinking patterns. Alexander Technique lessons can help to build confidence, improve presentation skills and public speaking ability, as well as enabling you to use your body more effectively to prevent back and neck pain, while sitting at a desk and working at a computer.

Other professionals including actors and musicians also use the technique for performance enhancement. Most music colleges and schools of performing art include Alexander Technique training in their curriculum.

Alexander Technique Lessons and Courses

One-to-one Alexander Technique lessons are available in Middlewich, Cheshire and Alexander Technique courses are offered for groups and organisations across Cheshire and the Northwest.