New Course: Transform Your Riding with the Alexander Technique 

Mind-body-awareness are offering a half day introductory Alexander Technique course for horse-riders at the Fit4Life Pilates Studio in Knutsford on Saturday 23 June 2018 from 12.45-4.00pm, costing £35.

This non-ridden course aims to help you learn new ways to refine your mind-body awareness and release unhelpful tension in your body that could affect your riding. The Alexander Technique enables you to develop skills to rebalance your body naturally and develop more subtle sensitivity and connection with your horse.

During the course you’ll learn how to release tension in your neck and back, allowing you to discover a more balanced alignment of your head, neck and back, improving posture and allowing your horse to balance more easily underneath you.

You’ll discover ways to release unwanted tension in your hips, pelvis and back, allowing your seat to naturally deepen and soften, enhancing movement and reducing resistance and spookiness in your horse.

To help you to refine your sense of feel and develop a more elastic and connected contact, you’ll explore how to release tension in your neck, shoulders and wrists and learn how to integrate your arms into your body.

As you start to rebalance your body naturally without stiffening and tightening, your horse can feel the difference, allowing him or her to tune into you more easily, be more responsive and move with greater fluidity and freedom.

For more information or to book a place on the course, please get in touch.