Alexander Technique for pregnancy, childbirth and caring for your baby

Learning the Alexander Technique can be helpful for all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. It can help you physically, emotionally and mentally, enabling you to learn how to use your body more effectively when resting and in movement as well as helping you to manage any associated anxiety and tension. During pregnancy, as your baby grows the constantly changing weight distribution leads to postural changes in your body. When standing, there is a tendency to lean back with an arched back and hips pushed forward. The resulting imbalance and strain on the body often leads to pain and discomfort.

Having lessons in the Alexander Technique during your pregnancy can help you learn to re-distribute your weight in a more balanced and easy way without forcing or holding your body in position. This can help you to manage lower back pain and prepare you for giving birth. You’ll learn how to release tension in the hip joints and pelvic floor, breathe freely and find a sense of calm. The skills you learn during the Alexander Technique lessons will help you while giving birth and then enable you to lift, carry and care for your baby without causing undue stress and strain on your body. If you continue to practise the technique throughout life, it will help you to remain active and healthy as you grow older.