Five ways to wellbeing course in Northwich Cheshire

‘Five ways to wellbeing’ course at Sir John Deane’s College, Northwich

Course Content

This series of five, weekly sessions, each lasting two hours is based on the NHS ‘Five ways to wellbeing’. The course aims to help you learn new skills to support your health and wellbeing and includes relaxation techniques and group activities. Each session involves lying down and movement, with an emphasis on taking care of your body and only doing what is right for you.

Course Dates:

Tuesday April 23 from 6.45-8.45 pm for five weeks costing £53

Course Outcomes

The course will help you to:

i) Develop self-awareness skills

Through relaxation practices and group activities, we learn techniques to calm and settle us. We discover what is important to us and explore the benefits of being more aware in daily life.

ii) Find new ways to connect with others

Feeling close to and valued by other people is a fundamental human need. We find out how connection with others can make a significant difference to our health and wellbeing.

iii) Learn how to release unhelpful tension and breathe well

In this session, we explore new ways to look after our body to reduce tension, strain and pain.

iv) Keep active

Regular physical activity is essential for slowing age-related decline and for promoting wellbeing. This session includes easy stretching, slow Tai Chi-style movement, gentle movement with awareness while sitting and lying down, as well as mindful walking.

v) Give yourself time to rest and recharge

In this session, we identify activities and goals for self-care to support our health and wellbeing.


No previous experience required.

As this course includes noticing sensations of the breath and the body, it may be better to wait if you are experiencing traumatic or highly stressful life events or if you are currently experiencing acute psychological or physical health conditions.

Materials Required

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring extra layers to keep you warm while sitting and lying in stillness. Please bring a yoga-type mat, a small towel to fold and rest your head on and a blanket to keep you warm.

To Book your place

Please visit the Sir John Deane’s College website